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Redundancy getting you down?

Being made redundant can be an incredibly traumatic experience. From suffering the gut wrenching feeling to being completely lost as to the way forward, can leave you with huge self esteem issues.

Our DVD is designed to guide you through the minefield of how to keep your confidence high, re-invent yourself and get you on track for a whole new life.

This is a roadmap of exactly how to rebuild your life - practical wisdom on the subject of redundancy, its effects on people and significant ways to map out a route to a better future. It offers clear and calm information on how to deal with the shock and emotions of sudden job loss, how to reassess finances and costs of living, how to use redundancy-enforced 'free time' to the best advantage and how to see the potential disaster of redundancy as a springboard to life changes and new opportunities.

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What's in the pack:

Surviving Redundancy DVD
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Proven Results:

  • Improved Self Esteem
  • More Job Offers
  • Better Networking
  • Ideas for a new life
  • Better Focus
  • Excitement about Your Future
  • More Opportunities
  • New Friends


If you have been made redundant or are about to undergo this fate - this DVD is for you.

My name is Stephen Conway. Thanks for visiting the site.

I spent 15 years as a recruiter for some of the world’s leading brands including Gillette, Colgate Palmolive, Kellogg’s, Procter & Gamble, Coca Cola, Microsoft, AT & T, Cable & Wireless, Disney, and Nokia.

During my time in the business, I have witnessed the effects of redundancy on friends, and candidates that came via my recruitment agency. I watched the devastating effects it had on confidence and self belief. The tragedy meant that not only did their interview skills suffer, but as a result had a massive impact on their homeliness as well.

That is why I put this DVD together. I have interviewed redundancy experts to guide you through the minefield and show you that by employing specific strategies, you can be enjoying a new life full of opportunities, self esteem and excitement.

About the DVD

This DVD set consists hundreds of tips and techniques, delivered by the leading industry EXPERTS themselves. It is suitable for anyone who has suffered redundancy or who is about to undergo some major career transition.

We show you the inside secrets to not only enjoying your redundancy, but also using that time to re-invent yourself, and as a result see a wealth of new opportunities come your way, whether that be a new job, a new business, work in the voluntary sector or abroad.

Chapter Listings

  • Hearing The News
  • Sorting Your Finances
  • Keeping Spirits High
  • Routine & Discipline
  • Finding New Opportunities
  • Job Searching in a Downturn
  • Networking & Unadvertised Vacancies
  • Goal Setting Strategies
  • Time Management
  • Getting a Coach
  • Your Rights
  • Redundancy Explained
  • Extra Tips

Good luck, and please email me with your successes.